UReCA: The NCHC Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity is actively accepting submissions for publication. Any student currently enrolled in a bachelor’s or associate’s undergraduate degree program is eligible to submit their work. Students from any institution are welcome to submit their work, however we request that foreign language submissions be accompanied by an English language translation.

When reviewing submissions, the UReCA Editorial Board looks for pieces that identify and meet a specific goal, sufficiently addressing a question and generating results that are meaningful both to the specific field of study and to a larger audience.The piece’s content should exhibit originality as well as practice sound research methods pertinent to the issue at hand.

We are a triple-blind, peer-reviewed journal, that is managed by a team of undergraduate students from honors programs across the United States. Submissions are judged solely on the basis of content. Submissions must be void of all identifying information in order to ensure our blind reivew process is successful. Do not include your name as part of the file name. Do not include your college affiliation, the name of your advisor, or any other identifying information within your work. The reviewers will only see the documents you attach, so please include any essential information in this portion of the application. 

Regarding length, we ask that submissions be limited to 7,500 words. References do not contribute to word count. In regard to formatting for research papers and essays, we prefer MLA styling for the humanities and creative works and APA styling for all other categories. However, we will accept other styles appropriate to your field if you explicitly note the citation style in your submission. For text that is accompanied by graphics, we may ask that you send those files unembedded from within your document. 

Our panel of editors may request that certain edits be implemented as a condition of publication. Should you have any questions about the submission process, please email us at editor@nchc-ureca.com. 

Submissions for the 2021 edition will close on October 9th, 2021 at 12:00 am EST. All submissions after that date will be considered for the 2022 edition. The UReCA Editorial Board looks forward to your submission. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.